Below are all the phrases and words that come out of my kid’s mouth along with what they actually mean. I will continuously update the list as they come:

  • Yestertime – Yesterday
  • Ma fee body – Nobody is there (Arabic and English combined)
  • “I love you, you Sami….” – Singing to Barney theme song “I love you” while adding his brother’s name in there.
  • Go to hell  – Go up the hill 
  • I like yucky bungle – I like Jungle Bungle (a kids place in Jordan)
  • Tomorrow Day – Tomorrow
  • PupCake – Cupcake
  • I am seek and karimo come hide – I’ll seek and Kareemo (my little brother) hides.
  • Manny not here – Manny isn’t here
  • Last time time  – One more time
  • Big 3ammo – Refers to his favorite show to watch “All of Us”, the main character is “Big 3ammo” (3ammo = uncle in Arabic)
  • Cozmall – Cozmo, a supermarket in Jordan
  • BIG MUCH – A lot
  • Lets go get the “eye” – He points to his eye as a way to ask to watch the iPad in a sly way.

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