Let’s go outside!

Saw this awesome video today showing how addicted to electronics we’ve become, which ultimately means our kids are going to think iPads, TVs, iPhones are part of every day life.

It’s sad to see my 3 year old toddler, along with several other kids in his generation, get so excited when you give them the iPad. He gets the biggest grin on his face – as though it’s Christmas and Santa just brought him a heap full of presents. I love that my generation got to experience the pre-internet/iPhone age, I feel like it kept me grounded. But I wonder if I can go back to that time with my kids where we spent hours playing hopscotch outside, riding bikes, putting the sprinkler on and running through it for hours – and I mean hours (well that wouldn’t work here since we lack water in this country, but still so much fun).

Watch this video and tell me what you think. It can be exhausting entertaining your child all day long, that’s why when M asks to watch “Frozen” for the umpteenth time, I don’t say no. And I like my TV time. Actually, I LOVE my TV time. Just something about kicking back after a busy day, and catching up on any favorite series. But as the video states, how can I expect my child to go and play, when he sees me kicking back and watching TV. They learn by example. Monkey see, monkey do.

So I vow to do the following; not just for my kids, but for my family and friends:

1. When I’m home, I will keep my iphone out of sight. I do not need to be on whatsapp checking my messages regularly.

2. Limit TV time to 30 minutes a day – unless it’s Thursday then my kid can watch his favorite movie from beginning to end.

3. Take my kids outside every day, even if it is just to smell the roses. Maybe not roses because I think M has an allergy to them, plus it tends to smell like poo around us thanks to all the sheeps, goats, and donkeys in our area. But still, take them outside every day.

4. Take them to the park at least once a week. Except Thursdays because that’s when everyone and their mother/nanny comes. Me and chaos are not friends.

5. When I’m out with friends, family, etc. – keep my iPhone in the bag at all times (unless there is loud music and I’ll need my phone on me to hear it ring should there any emergencies – and to take the occasional SELFIE)!

What are YOU going to do?

Watch the video:



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