Awesome “convo of the week” with M


I was sitting with M today having breakfast before he had to head off to school (yes, the little guy is in school – still feels weird saying that), and his favorite question to ask on a daily basis is, “No school today?”

The convo went as follows:

M: No school today?

Me: [my tone is a bit annoyed since I’ve answered this question 100 times] Mama, there is school today. Remember it’s Thursday? You don’t have school tomorrow. No school on Fridays and Saturdays.

M: But why? [his other favorite question]

Me: Because it’s the weekend.

M: But my friends love me a lot and want to see me.

Me: [big smile on my face] Yes habibi, they do love you. You’ll see them on Sunday.

My heart melted! Finally, he wants to go to school. Granted it’s because his friends love him and he feels they need to see him – not because he’s eager to learn. But I can work with that for now. What a character. 


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