My kids are NOT the center of the world

This is not for the faint-hearted!

My friend sent me this blog post written by a mother of 2 kids who definitely has that shock element when she states, “My kids are NOT the center of my world”. Two things that I took away from her blog post (and I totally encourage you to read it because it’s not exactly what you think it’s about – I’ve placed a link at the bottom):

  • We shelter our kids too much
  • Modern parenting is just becoming too complex

While I totally believe that I fall into that category of the parent who wants to protect their kids from all evil (and so does this mom, don’t get me wrong) – I do believe that I’ve gotten to the point where my kids seem to not want to do anything on their own, or are unable to. This breaks my heart because as a child, I was extremely shy. I held back from doing anything growing up because of my shyness. And I always pray that my kids do not turn out like me – awkward, over-thinking things all of the time, lacking in confidence. And let’s face it, as parents we always compare our kids to other kids (you try not to, but sometimes in Amman you can’t help it), so I know for a fact that even people within my circle have secretly labeled my kids as being shy or even too dependent on me. Which makes me think, maybe I’m going about this whole parenting thing wrong. Modern parenting has put me into this corner where I think not twice, but three times, before I say something to my kids. It’s WAY too complicated. My parents laugh at me all the time when they watch me with my kids, and the most popular phrase I hear from them (through the giggles of course) is, “parentings was not this hard when you guys were kids.” And I agree.

The mom in this blog states that we put so much emphasis on our kids being the center of the world, that when they get to the real world they’re going to be screwed. My son is always looking at me for “approval” when he does something good – he WANTS/NEEDS that praise. I’m not saying don’t praise your child for their efforts – but you need to have a balance as well. On another note, I personally do put my kids at the center of MY world, but I also want them to know that they are not the only people in this world. There are plenty of special people out there and it’s important for them to understand this if they want to survive and thrive in the real world.

Check out the blog – let me know your thoughts. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Is there anything else you took away from this post?

Why my kids are NOT the center of my world


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