How to get your toddler to listen – or at least try to!

Having a toddler around is like having a mini teenager in the house. Every response is a “NO,” plus the attitude, plus the tantrums, plus the inability to listen. It’s chaos. I call my toddler my little “a-hole”. When I was a teenager, I’m sure my mom called me that often. Could this be karma?

Good news is, this phase won’t last long. Bad news is, it’ll be back again pre-teen years, teen years, and pre-tween years. YAY!!!

My husband and I developed a simple listening chart to at least help with the lack-of-listening in the toddler phase. Check it out below. You can print it and put it up on your fridge for your kid to see. It showcases every time a child listens (you can use stickers for this), and what prizes they’ll receive if they listen “x” amount of times.

Do you have your own methods? Would love to hear them.

Listening Chart – Toddlers

NOTE – You can determine what your prizes are along with the frequency of listening – it’s up to you. I just gave examples. The examples listed are what we’ve used on our kid. The idea isn’t to give them expensive gifts when they listen. You do not want to always associate good behavior with prizes in general. It’s simply to show them that you do appreciate them listening and are acknowledging their good behavior.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tara says:

    I love this idea! Thanks 🙂 I usually use the “count to three or its a timeout” method but i like the positive reinforcement and rewards of this one!

    1. nomamadrama says:

      I do all 3 of the mentioned. Because some days one works better than the other 🙂

  2. Enas says:

    Hey Ghada, I’ve done the chart but my toddler at some pointed completely manipulated it. He would do basic daily things and come to me wanting a new star on the list. I used to buy him a gift for every 10 stars, but soon after I couldn’t keep up. so I dropped it. I use the 1 2 3 method often but it’s time consuming and he throws a big tantrum during and after the time-out. I believe there isn’t one method that works all the time with toddlers; you have to alternate depending on how difficult the situation is and how much you’re in a mood to tolerate or punish.

    1. nomamadrama says:

      Absolutely agree Enas! I use this combined with 1, 2, 3 and the thinking chair. Each day is different with my toddler so what worked one day won’t work the next.

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