How to raise a happy child




People used to say “I wish there was a book on parenting,” well now there is. With all the studies and books available at our disposal in this day and age, it seems almost TOO easy to raise happy children. There’s an actual science to raising happy children. But all that information and I still believe being a parent is a huge challenge.

My biggest worry as a parent isn’t “oh crap, another diaper I have to change”. Or, “I wish I had run just a little bit faster to get M to the bathroom rather than handling his business in his pants.” The thing I actually lose sleep over the most, is whether or not my kids are happy.  Am I raising them right? 

I came across this infographic today (thanks to the hubby) on lifehacker via happify that spells it out for you. There a lot of concepts we may already know, and a lot of other ideas that we take for granted. CheckImage out the full graphic below! 





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