If I could teach my kids one thing…

It would be to not judge people and put all prejudices aside. People tend to put up walls naturally, feel guarded when their surrounded by unfamiliar faces, be afraid of what’s different.

The beauty of children is that they are not as guarded. Fine you teach them to not talk to strangers and never accept anything that a stranger may give them. But I see how M looks at people sometimes when we’re walking around the mall or at a restaurant. This kid will just smile at people – total strangers – waiting for them to reciprocate. He has no idea who they are, what they’re about. There is no judgement in his eyes. There is something so genuine about seeing the world from a child’s eyes.

Someone posted the video above on Facebook. A photographer found strangers in NYC and had them pose together as though they’d been friends forever. It is amazing to see these people’s walls come down and embrace this new found friend, even for just a moment – someone they would have likely ignored if they passed them on the street.

I like to think that these photos represent what my child sees. A world filled with love. I hope that continues to be the case for years to come. Some might see that as wishful thinking – but it’s something I want my kids to walk away with.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Enas says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Love your post!

    1. nomamadrama says:

      thanks Enas!!

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