My kids run my life

I write this as I sit here waiting for my toddler M to get down from the car.

I picked him up from school and on our way home he passed out; something he rarely does these days (quietest car ride in awhile). I pull into my garage, turn the ignition off, and the screaming begins. You would think I had just taken all of his toys and thrown them off the balcony.

This is where the books say to get down to his level (ok…getting down), use a calm soothing time (ok soothing voice, got it), and try to understand what’s wrong.

So I get down and as calmly as I can,
I ask my little guy “what’s wrong?”

His response: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh”.

So I ask him the same question again…response was a little different. It was louder.

So then I tell him, “shall I close the car door while you calm down, and you can stay in car while I go inside?”

His response: “YES!”

So now I sit, waiting for him to get bored and want to come inside. Been watching him from the window for 20 minutes and he hasn’t even flinched. Not moved once from his car seat. This Little a-hole is a stubborn one.

Today’s lesson: don’t listen to your child when he/she says they want to stay in the car.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zean says:

    babe you know better than a toddler.. dont give him an option – just explain what needs to be done.. i know easier said than done.. and what do i know about toddlers.. actually come back to me when he turns 9 – ill have more constructive advice then..

    1. nomamadrama says:

      easier said than done indeed zean!! 🙂

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