My life is a musical and the kids are the directors


I. Love. Music.

For as long as I can remember I have been singing or humming to any tune, tapping away to the beat of any song. I am no Mariah Carey, but I can hold a tune…by myself…when no one is around…ok, so maybe the shower is the only place I’ll perform, but man when I sing in there – WOW!

I’ve always wanted life to be like a musical. How cool would it be to be sitting around with a bunch of my MILFS (you know who you are ladies), and we are all having an awesome time, and in the background Rihanna starts to play. Or you’re having an awful day and One Republic album follows you around the entire day. Perfectly timed, and befitting to whatever mood you may be in.

Well I guess my wish has come true ladies and gentlemen. My life is a musical – I have music/noise wherever I go. Only it consists of Barney, Bob the Builder, Baby Einstein, etc. etc. Oh, and let’s not forget the sounds of a screaming baby and a whiny toddler; together they form a symphony like no other. I like to call it, “Let’s scream bloody murder till mom caves and gives us whatever we want” (that’s my all time favorite).

When we are in the car, little M has the iphone in his hands watching YouTube videos of people opening up kinder eggs and showcasing the toys – and the music these videos have in the background makes me want to shoot myself. At home, as soon as we open the door, little M picks up the remote and screams BARNEY, BARNEY, BARNEY! Ok M, here you go – here’s that big purple dinosaur you’ve been asking for who’s voice makes me want to find him and drop kick him every time I Hear it (a bit violent, so sorry Barney). At 5 in the morning, baby S puts on a little show for us. All you will hear till you get to his room is this high pitched scream with 2 seconds of breaks in between that I believe roughly translates into, “you thought you could sleep in today you idiots. nice try – hahahahaha” – music to my ears. And once you go in he’ll have this big smile on his face and proceed with his music, singing “GIGA, GIGA, GIGA!” Maybe he’s asking for Lady Gaga, who knows? Haven’t cracked that one yet.

And remember how I said I sing any tune, well, my husband and I can sing any Barney song you want – just name it. While we’re preparing breakfast or getting the boys ready, the both of us are humming a lovely tune. Every 2 minutes we’ll look up, laugh, one of us will say “please stop me from singing Barney”, and 2 seconds later we’re right back to humming.

So you see, my life is a musical. And the awards for best music directors go to little M and baby S. Sigh. At any given time of the day, I can just press play, sit back, kick my feet up, and let the music begin….ummm, scratch that. Let’s try that again. At any given time of the day, the music begins. And never stops. Ever. Seriously.


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