Ghada-locks and the 3 camels

We can all recall the popular children’s story “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”, if not, here’s a quick recap (forgive me if I improvise in some areas). Goldilocks stumbles upon a house in the forest that’s empty and she spends the better part of her afternoon rummaging through the house trying to find the perfect bed, the perfect cup/bowl of soup, perfect chair, etc. etc. 3 bears live in this home and go ape-sh*t on Goldilocks when they return from hunting or whatever it is that bears do in the woods all day. May have left out some parts but you get the point.

In this post I am Goldilocks (hence Ghada-locks, creative right?), and the 3 bears are 3 camels to maintain a bit of relevance since we are living in the Middle East. This story is a bit different because I am trying to find the perfect nursery, the perfect school, and the perfect everything for my 2 boys. And well, there’s not much room for the camels here but that’s ok!

We can all relate to societal pressures when it comes to putting our kids in the right schools. The problem is, the right school means we’ll have to sell our left kidney (maybe both) to be able to afford them. If you think about it, by the time our kids have graduated, we will have spent over JD 100,000 (give or take) on tuition – not to mention if we have more than 1 kid then we may need to find other organs we can sell.

It’s a shame that we’ve put so much pressure on ourselves to get these kids into these traditional private schools. Then again, these are our kids – we want only the best for them, right? But what if this isn’t the best?

My husband showed me this Tedx video of a 13-year-old teenage boy who left traditional school to try something different – he has “hacked” his education and spends his time learning to be happy and healthy through real-life, hands-on experiences. I watch this video and I think – this kid and his family AND his community have cracked the code.  He’s not sitting behind a desk learning about math or physics. He’s out in nature taking on experiences that teach him about physics, communications skills and facing his fears, all rolled into one lesson.


As Ghada-locks, my major priority is making sure my kids grow up to be happy and healthy and are in the perfect environment. That is much more important than being in the right school. I say we start a movement and focus on finding the perfect “hackschool” for our kids. Out with the traditional schools and in with the new unconventional schools. Now that, would be “perfect”.


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  1. love love love this. couldn’t agree moreeee!!

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