The Horrors of Potty Training


i finished potty training my 3 year old boy over the summer, and it was VERY messy. actually messy is an understatement. i would say it was more like a tornado came through my house, crapped all over my stuff and then came back for more before disappearing completely.

i know it’s something that needs to be done, but i have yet to figure out why a natural bodily function actually needs to be taught. we should just be born being able to use the toilet. to know that each one of us was walking around in diapers at one point or another is hard to believe.

last night, M woke up completely soaked. his pull-ups were no match for the amount of fluid he had before he went to bed. unfortunately, the little guy refuses to use the bathroom before he sleeps (hence the pull-ups at night). he refuses a lot actually (brushing teeth, using the bathroom, taking a bath, etc., etc., etc.). at this rate, he’ll be the smelly kid with wet pants and spinach stuck in his teeth when he starts primary school. we all had one of those in our class growing up!

all things aside, here are a few things I have learned so far in regards to potty training:

  1. if potty training a boy, and they’re sitting on a toilet (rather than standing), point their “stuff” down – BEFORE they get started.
  2. an ipad is your best friend – if you can invest in one just for the bathroom it’ll be worth it.
  3. turn the tap on if your little one is struggling – even kids have stage fright.
  4. if you thought you had enough underwear to start the process, triple the amount and you’re good to go.
  5. explain to your little one that if they do have an accident that it is NOT ok to pretend it’s a puddle and splash around in it.
  6. get your child to use the toilet before he sleeps, or you’re in for several messy nights. otherwise, can i suggest that you master the art of changing your child out of his wet clothes, putting some clean ones on AND changing his bed sheets, while making sure he stays asleep. don’t forget baby #2 is asleep in the other room so you have to be extra quiet. these are MAJOR ninja skills that take years of practice.

i’m thinking for baby S, i’ll attach a bedpan to his bum from now.

drama rating (1 out of 10): 4


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhada Boujlil says:

    Hillllllllarious but true. This is exactly me right now!!! And just to add one more thing: invest in leather sofas (or leather anything if possible). It just makes the whole cleaning process a tad easier.

    1. nomamadrama says:

      Hahahaha so true rhada

  2. Zean says:

    When the time comes ill refer back to this blog..

  3. Tara says:

    No.5 made me laugh out loud! Great tips thanks 🙂

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