what it’s all about

i’ve always wanted to be a mom. growing up, babies loved me. i was like a baby whisperer – could get any baby to stop crying. and it seemed so easy. i knew that i’d have no problems when it was my turn, and not to mention…i would be the coolest mom. 

fast-foward 20 years and i am laughing out loud (lol) at that young naive girl. HAHAHAHA. what was i thinking? don’t get me wrong, i love my boys. wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything. but whoever said being a mom was easy (as in old me and several others i’ve met in my life), definitely had/have no clue what goes into it.

this. is. a. full. time. job.

no vacation days, no sick days allowed that’s for sure, and say bye-bye to privacy. my simple pleasure of the day is using the bathroom, just to get a little peace and quiet! that is, until one of the boys starts screaming in the background or the oldest barges in demanding Barney DVDs and M&Ms. yes – literally say bye-bye to privacy.

there’s more to me than just this role. i definitely wear many different hats, but right now my “mama hat” is the biggest and most prominent one. and it’s one i wear proudly. let the mama adventures begin!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I always heard when the Lord bless us with a new born, gifts come along, like patience, endurance, endless love…


  2. Zean says:

    Props to you!! you truly are super mom and i love you more and more each day when i see how selfless and giving you are – you are one of a kind ❤

  3. Ruba says:

    Yay…this is awesome! 😀 Guess this is the perfect time to send you the pics we took daily of your mommy belly!

    1. nomamadrama says:

      hahaha wow remember that?!

  4. Amy says:

    I remember that! Hope you guys are doing well. Happy 2014!

  5. Rhada Boujlil says:

    Amen to that sister, i m going through the same phase. I put my professional life on hold for a while for the sake of my 2 adorable boys. I enjoy what you are writing about, keep up the hard work!

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